Team PhysioTree

Kristi Greene Kelch PT, MPT, OCS
PhysioTree Director of Triage, Information Officer
Physical Therapist
Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
Fellowship Trained in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy and Musculoskeletal Primary Care
Clinical Faculty Member of an Accredited Residency and Fellowship Program

Mike Nelson, PT, DPT, OCS
PhysioTree Director of Research and Education
Physical Therapist
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Assistant Faculty in orthopedics at San Francisco State University
Adjunct Faculty Member of an accredited orthopedic residency program

PhysioTree Director of Business Operations and Development
Physical Therapist
Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists
Director of an accredited orthopaedic residency program
Clinical Faculty Member of an accredited fellowship program

The PhysioTree team of Physical Therapists has a combined 39 years of clinical experience in treating patients with both simple and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Each member of our team has undergone extensive training in a post graduate residency or fellowship program accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education. Less than 10% of all physical therapists receive such training and become Certified Clinical Specialists.

Throughout our experience, we have observed the changing health care system bring about challenges in accessing efficient and expedient care. It is our hope to provide quality advice and education to assist in treating low back pain in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary testing, medications, invasive interventions, and rising financial obligations. In a study conducted by Fritz and colleagues in 2008, they found that adherence to the recommendation for active care was associated with better clinical outcomes and decreased subsequent use of prescription medication, MRI, and injections. Improving adherence to this recommendation may present an opportunity to improve the cost-effectiveness of care for acute low back pain.

According the the World Health Organization, low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world, and it causes an enormous economic burden on individuals, families, communities, industry and governments. The condition is therefore costly, with total costs estimated to be between US$ 100 and US$ 200 billion annually, two-thirds of which are due to decreased wages and productivity. For these reasons, Team PhysioTree has targeted low back pain by providing you with quality information with accessible technology you can use at your convenience. We hope you find it helpful in managing and relieving your low back pain efficiently and effectively.